Safe Deposit Box

Protect what matters most.
Whether it's your hard-to-replace documents—such as contracts and business papers, military discharge papers, and physical stock and bond certificates—or small collectibles and family heirlooms; we know how valuable your possessions are to you. Let us safeguard the irreplaceable with one of our safe deposit boxes, let us protect what matters most.

Safe Deposit Boxes are located at the following Mobiloil Credit Union branches:

Calder (Beaumont) - 3535 Calder Avenue
Delaware (Beaumont) - 1810 N Major Drive
Treadway (Beaumont)- 4285 Treadway
Jasper - 465 East Gibson Street

Safe Deposit Box pricing:
3x5 - $30.00
3x10 - $45.00
5x5 - $40.00
5x10 - $65.00
10x10 - $85.00
10x15 - $90.00
15x20 - $110.00
15x25 - $115.00
15x45 - $130.00

*Members age 55 and older receive a 10% discount.

To view availability,  give us a call at 409.892.1111 or Toll Free at 800.892.1111.

Spend. Save. Thrive.

5.9% APR on all balance transfers for the life of the balance!


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