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Mobiloil Credit Union

Fraud Defender

Protect your good name with our credit monitoring service, Fraud Defender.

We know from the movies that the most frightening things are the ones we can’t see. In the real world, that includes identity theft. Within minutes someone can steal your personal information, use it to their advantage, and virtually destroy what you’ve worked a lifetime to build.

Choose the plan that is right for you.

Whether you are looking for basic protection against identity theft or customized proactive identity monitoring, there is a protection plan that is right for you. Service packages available include 1 or 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring, Expense Reimbursement Insurance and Internet Monitoring! All packages include Fully Managed Recovery where a certified, professional Recovery Advocate will work with you, every step of the way, no matter how long it takes to recover you identity!

Start protecting your credit with Fraud Defender today! Log in to your Online Account Access and click Fraud Defender, under Services, to Subscribe today!

Have a question? Contact us online, give us a call at 409.892.1111, Toll Free at 800.892.1111 or stop by a location close to you for any questions you may have. We’re here to help.