Mobiloil Credit Union

New Debit Cards Arriving Soon

front-bus-debit front-cons-debit   NEW DEBIT CARDS ARRIVING NOVEMBER 2016!  

A new Mobiloil Credit Union VISA debit card will be mailed to you in November. It will have a new look and a new debit card number. Existing debit cards are being converted to the new Mobiloil Credit Union VISA debit card with EMV chip technology.  This chip adds another layer of security to cards by requiring the chip to produce a single-use code to validate the chip transaction — further protecting your card from unauthorized use.

Card Activation
You will receive your new card in November. You may activate and start using your new card upon arrival.  A new PIN will follow separately in the mail. Your original debit card will be deactivated on November 30, 2016.

Update Any Recurring, Automatic Payments
If you have any regularly scheduled payments on your current debit card(s) such as recurring subscriptions or utilities, be sure to update those companies with your new card information for transactions recurring on or after the date you activate your new card.  Failure to update card information by November 30, 2016 will result in the payment being declined.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your New Mobiloil Credit Union VISA Debit Card

Q: Why am I receiving this new debit card?
A: You are receiving the new Mobiloil Credit Union VISA debit card in order to enhance the security of your transactions. This new card will feature the added security of chip-based technology, a deterrent against debit card fraud.

Q: When will my current debit card stop working?
A: Your current debit card will no longer work after November 30, 2016.

Q: How and when do I begin using my new Mobiloil Credit Union VISA debit card?
A: You must activate your new card by following the directions on the activation sticker, and you can begin using it immediately. Please use your current debit card until the new chipped card arrives.  Once you have activated the new card,  destroy the old card.  If you choose not to destroy the old card, it will be deactivated after November 30, 2016.

Q: How do I transfer my recurring automatic payments from my current card to my new card?
A: Simply contact the companies you have these payments with and provide them with your new card information.

Q: Will there be any changes in fees?
A: After November 30, 2016, the card replacement fee will be $10 per card for lost or damaged cards.

Q: Should I use my signature or PIN when making a purchase with my chip enabled card?
A: You will be able to choose either method to authenticate your purchase.  When you insert the card into the reader, select credit if you prefer to sign your name; or choose debit to use your PIN.

Q:  If a merchant says they are not set up for chip card purchases, should I swipe my card instead?
A:  Merchants are gradually converting terminals in order to enable the chip reader to be used by their customers.  If your purchase cannot be completed by using the chip reader for that merchant, you may swipe the card for that transaction.  We recommend you use the chip card reader as your primary means of conducting debit card purchases and only use the swipe method when chip is not enabled.

Q: Will I be able to use the same PIN from the old debit card once I activate the new debit card?
A: A new PIN will be mailed to you in a separate envelope and is the one that is assigned to the new debit card. You may use the new PIN or you may change the PIN once the card arrives and has been activated. See next question if you prefer to select a new PIN.

Q: Will the new EMV VISA debit cards be set with the PIN by Phone feature just as the credit and debit cards are currently?
A: Yes. Members may call 877-746-6746 (877 PHONPIN) to re-pin a card. Please remember it can take up to 48 hours to take effect.

Q: I’ve had a debit card in the past, but never really used it or activated it. Will I get a new card?
A: There are 2 possible scenarios whereby you may not automatically receive a chipped debit card. If you have not used your current debit card in the past 12 months or you have a debit card but never activated it, you will not automatically receive the card upgrade.  You may request an EMV chipped debit card by contacting Member Services.

 If you have additional questions about your new debit card, you may visit a branch or call Member Services at 409.892.1111 or 800.892.1111.