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Mobiloil Credit Union

Card Controls

Manage your cards within Online Account Access. Control Your Cards at Anytime. Anywhere.  NOW AVAILABLE ON MOBILE!

Introducing Card Controls! Now YOU have the power to control your card activity. Access easily on any desktop or the Mobile App and simply turn your Mobiloil CU debit or credit card off/on as needed! Travel plans? Misplaced your card? Received your new card in the mail and need to activate it? Find every tool you need by logging in to Card Controls within Online Account Access from your desktop or Mobile App.

Card Controls Features


• Activate your card
If you’ve received a new debit and/or credit card, you may activate it and start using your card right away.

• Balance Transfer
Need to transfer a balance? You may transfer up to your available limit on your Mobiloil credit card. You’ll also enjoy 6.9% on all balances transferred for the life of the balance! (Balance transfers may take up to 30 days to process.)

• Travel Notice
Beach vacation? Alaskan cruise? If you are traveling and plan on using your debit and/or credit card, you may notify us to avoid any trip interruptions. Changes in your spending habits out of your normal area can trigger a security alert causing your card to be temporarily blocked. (Please note when adding multiple destinations that the travel dates cannot overlap.)

• Temporary Block/Unblock
If your card has been misplaced and you’d like to turn it off, you may do so in an instant! If you find it, simply turn it back on.  (This feature should NOT be used to report a lost or stolen card.)

• Replace a Damaged Card

You may order a replacement card if your card has been damaged.

• Lost or Stolen Card
Card lost or stolen? You may block it immediately! A new card will be mailed and should arrive within 7 to 10 business days.  To receive a new card right away, please visit the branch nearest you. At a distance? Not a problem. Once your card has been blocked, please contact us at 800-892-1111 to have a new card mailed out. Your new card should arrive within 7 to 10 business days.