IRS Banking Privacy Proposal

We have received questions from members regarding an IRS proposal that will require financial institutions to report all deposits or withdrawals of $600 or more on personal and business accounts to the IRS, regardless of the account holder's consent.

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USPS Mail Delays

The US Postal Service is experiencing nationwide delays. If you are planning to send anything by USPS, we recommend sending it a week earlier than usual. This will help you avoid late payments and fees, and also plan in advance for the upcoming holiday season.

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Digital Banking Security Tips

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COVID-19 Updates

What We Are Doing
We want you to feel confident banking with Mobiloil Credit Union and are working hard to minimize disruptions in services. Here are resources available to you: 

Exxonmobil Lockout Relief Resources

During this time of hardship, we want to remind you that we are here for those affected by the ExxonMobil lockout. Click here for more information.

Holiday Closings

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Mobiloil Credit Union elects new Board Chairman

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Escheatment Notice

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