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Mobiloil Credit Union

Merchant Services

Mobiloil Credit Union is partnered with BancCard of America to offer our business members a way to accept Visa and MasterCard from their customers. BancCard offers merchants a way to be ready for Chip Cards, and BancCard can provide a new terminal at a fraction of the cost compared to searching for vendors online. Whether traditional countertop readers or mobile readers BancCard can help.

Meet BancCard of America.

Meeting a customer face-to-face. Shaking a hand. Listening. . . really listening. . . to their needs. Aren’t those the hallmarks of a business relationship?
From our founding in 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee, we have been focused on restoring the trusted, one-to-one relationship that has historically characterized the banking industry. Our commitment is simple–outstanding customer service from a team of seasoned, professional salespeople. We like being refreshingly human. Our team understands the technology world and the needs of our customers, enabling us to deliver the most sophisticated, secure and reliable systems for our customers. They are well trained and committed to your service. And we are strategically aligned with the top four processors in the industry, assuring you of the best systems available.
But the systems are just one part.  
Our team understands the critical importance of relationships. That’s why in addition to coordinating with our banking partners, we work closely with the business owners in their own communities. We do this by locating close to the businesses we serve, now putting us in 24 states, so we can respond to the needs of those owners where they work. You won’t find that from other providers.

It’s service like this that has earned us the respect and trust of more than 400 financial institutions and has ensured the lowest turnover in the industry. That has made us the leading Merchant Service Provider in this industry. 
And the difference is the human approach.

Mark Stevenson is our local BancCard Rep and can be reached at 409-460-3789