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Mobiloil Credit Union


Q: How does the MOFCU seniors program compare to other financial institutions?
A: MOFCU is offering many free or discounted items that are highlighted for members 55 or better, which is far more than those offered by other financial institutions.

Q: Would a member qualify for membership if they have $1,500 in one account and only $600 in another account?
A: Yes, the $2,000 requirement is based on “combined” account levels within the same membership.

Q: The program expresses an alternative minimum requirement of $500 in direct deposit. If a member receives $280 from Social Security and $320 from a pension program, would they still qualify?
A: Yes, the $500 restriction is based on “combined” direct deposit levels.

Q: If a member is eligible to be a “Prestige Member”, does their spouse automatically qualify?
A: No, even if the spouse is on a joint account, the “Prestige Member” program is based on individual membership status only.

Q: Will a MOFCU Teller or Full Service Representative automatically know if a member qualifies for “Prestige Membership”?
A: The MOFCU computer system will continuously update the credit union’s database so as to identify all eligible “Prestige Members”.

Q: Is the “Prestige Member” program for a limited time?
A: No, the program is currently a permanent program and will continue to be modified and updated in the months and years to come with valued input from members.